Southern Stonemasons Ltd was formed in Wanaka in 2002 meeting a growing demand for quality stonemasonry construction in the Central Otago region. Robin Dalton took over management of the Wanaka team in 2010 while founder David Packman moved on to establish the business in Christchurch. Twenty years on David and Robin, combining their skill, knowledge and experience, now offer their quality services spanning the whole of the South Island. Quality, Professionalism and Craftsmanship are values that bond Southern Stonemasons together and this is evident in their award-winning work which will continue to impress and go on to become heritage projects.

Stone House

Robin Dalton

Robin is U.K qualified, has spent many years working in the United Kingdom, Africa and the Middle East and has now settled his family in the beautiful South Island. He adheres to the time honoured methods of the craft that is borne from experience. He works with a wide variety of stone types and styles of masonry including historical restoration work. Robin is also an accomplished sculptor with an acute eye for beauty and detail.

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P.O.Box 430, Wanaka, NZ